Delivery Information


Delivery of our digital product (purchasing service) will be confirmed on your Email Address.


You can use this page to quick view your order status.


For any issues in utilizing our services you may contact us. It is the customers’ responsibility to provide a valid and correct email address as the digital product (purchasing service) will be delivered to it.

Orders shall be completed within 12 hours once the payment is received in our bank accounts or in our intermediate payment accounts.

Once your payment has cleared by payment processor, your order will be delivered directly to your written email. It should take 10 minutes to 12 hours of time, depending on different product and payment methods. The customer needs to confirm that our email do not end up in JUNK or SPAM folder of your email account.

We reserve the right to extend the processing delay of an order in the event of external factors beyond our control (e.g. crashes/breakdowns relating to the server, Internet, electricity supply, supplier service, agent handling payment, banks etc.).

If you do not receive any product details from us within 24 hours then please contact us immediately